Canada Water Law and Governance


As water management is facing contemporary issues, especially those generated by climate change and certain anthropogenic activities, legal and governance mechanisms are increasingly mobilized and discussed.

In the Canadian context, water law and governance have their specificities. In particular, the constitutional division of powers related to water, between several levels of government, and the increased involvement of non-governmental actors create a complex and sometimes unstable climate. Fragmented initiatives, sectoral approaches, and conflicting situations continue to characterize this sector.

Additionally, water law and governance in Canada are currently in a potentially significant transition as the federal government aims to create a Canadian Water Agency. While the mandate and nature of this structure is yet to be determined, challenges relating to legal and governance mechanisms remain omnipresent.

It is in this complex and changing context that the University of Ottawa Forum on Water Law and Governance operates. Our mission is to promote dialogue and to facilitate knowledge mobilization around these topical issues.


An Interdisciplinary Perspective on the Future Canada Water Agency